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31 Beautiful Hidden Rooms And Secret Passages

a secret bookcase door to a secret room I honestly dont know how this could not be a cooler idea.

Probably not enough room for a double gate like this, but I love the idea of it dipping in the middle

The Middle Passage - the "middle leg" of a three-part voyage - brought the human cargo of slaves from the east coast of Africa to the American colonies. Manufactured products were initially shipped from England to Africa on the "first leg," where they were sold and exchanged for the slaves, who were then shipped to America for the plantations (the "middle passage"), and on the last leg of the voyage the ships carried raw materials and goods back to the merchants in London and England.

A dazzling 100% cotton wax fabric duvet cover with a bright and colorful design. This duvet cover is 100% cotton and handmade with a solid fuchsia back and a zipper closure. The pictures display the duvet cover in both indoor and outdoor natural light.This duvet cover has been pre-washed, so the colors are as vibrant as you see.

Bayleaf Farmstead originally from Kent now located at Weald and Downland. This building dates from the 15th or early 16th century. Bayleaf is a timber framed hall house dating mainly from the early 15th century. The open hall in the middle of the house is entered from the screens passage. Next to ...