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    This says it all friends. I thank my good friend Randy Eccles for sharing. Loud Roars, Peter Miller, Literary Lion

    The Literary Lion, Peter Miller, with Sir Ken Robinson, author of The Element and Finding Your Element.

    The e-book edition of The Celtic Conspiracy is featured in the Amazon Mystery & Thriller category. See it here:

    I am proud to annouce that Morgan Freeman has Narrated New Revelations about the Mona Lisa in a Feature Doucmentary. Loud Roars, Peter Miller Literary Lion

    Sir Ken Robinson'S FINDING YOUR ELEMENT, presently in Trade Paperback is hitting National Bestsellers Lists.

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    #lionwisdom #globallion #followthelion

    Food for thought... #globallion #lionwisdom

    The Literary Lion with World Champion Tennis Player, Soo Yeong Jamie Sieland in Beverly Hills. #globallion

    Happy Friday!! #globallion #followthelion #lionwisdom

    What kind of people do you have around you? #followthelion #globallion #lionwisdom

    #FollowTheLion #globallion

    Thank you to Gaye Mack for sharing this lion cub cuddling with a little girl photo. It's beautiful! Roars, LION

    Very Loud Roars to my friend and fellow New York Leo, Michael Garrett, for sharing this "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with me. Thanks Michael. LION

    Happy Friday Y'all!

    Live Review: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Sunrise's BB&T Center 4/29 consequenceofsoun...

    Loud roars to my friend and client Colby Devitt for sharing Linda Bender's lion wisdom with me. Roar on Lion Like Linda on Facebook: to follow her amazing encounters with animals.

    The Literary Lion sends out Big Roars for Wensley Clarkson's new novel, Was He Pushed or Did He Fall, that has been placed with Amazon Digital Services White Glove program and will be available in August 2014.

    A great roars arises in your heart. A roar of freedom. Osho Rajneesh Thanks Dr. Nina V for sharing this. LION

    I think about the Dalai Lama's words "Once A Year Go Someplace You've Never Been Before" often. Treat your self. You deserve it! LION

    The truth is like a lion.... #globallion #Lionwisdom #followthelion

    Don't ask me who's influenced me. A lion is made up of the lambs he's digested, and I've been reading all my life. - Charles de Gaulle

    Knowledge is like a lion; it cannot be gently embraced. -South African Proverb #Lionwisdom #globallion #followthelion

    #Lionwisdom #globallion #followthelion

    Happy Easter!!!