1st father's day gift! This is so cute!

Mommy & Me do this every year and see how much you change

"I love you Daddy!" What a wonderful Father's Day photo.

What a cute idea!

Cute birthday picture idea even with a toddler that is sitting up and looking down at the mirror.

so doing this next father's day!

awhhh. I like this one.. from chase to daddy.

In love with this!

1st year pictures

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

1st annual father's day photo in dad's shirt and tie. I want to do this every year as he grows up.

Baby 1st christmas

Newborn pictures - LOVE this idea!!

Such a cute idea!

Personalized Father's Day Gift for New Dad - I Love You Daddy Baby Footprint Art Print - Gift for Father, Daddy, Papa

1st Birthday

Love this as a generational picture. I could do this with Brody and his dad, grandpa, and great grandpa! great fathers day gift

I WILL be doing this :))

Such a great idea...

Sweet Bow Swaddle Blanket, dying of a cuteness over load #TSM @Paula Stange Please @Paula Stange sugar Can you imagine this with "Legacy" embroidered on the bow? I'd die.

Christmas Baby picture idea. Would love to see Grant and Eli like this! Christmas card idea.