Glass Balloons by Claudia Gadea

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she said that the only thing she really wanted to do was ride in a hot air balloon. She is a 13 year survivor and has accomplished her dream along with lots of other adventures :).

coloured glasses


glass balloons

Make this in white and dye it this color. Use glass beads in the piece to give it a bit of the reflective feel ~ ! ~

Hand Blown Zebra Vase

de kleuren vind ik mooi want het geeft je een gelukkig gevoel en de patroon vind ik mooi omdat het van 1 kleur heb je dan nog een paar andere. Dus net zo een soort categorie

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Colorful Balloons

Glass Marbles

Colorful Blown Glass

Glasses and bottle. Pretty

Love this!!

Mixed Cane Foglio by David Patchen. Art Glass Vessel available at

love blown glass

Glass anything


Stained glass and sunshine. Stained glass was something else I wanted to get into. I think I have enough on my plate now though!

colorful glass...