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  • Amelie warner

    A native of the rainy forests of Southest Asia. Green tea and black tea come from the same plant, but green tea is less processed so... #haocha

  • Nascent Array

    Green Tea Health Benefits: Live a Healthy Life

  • The Sun Speaks

    Green Tea and Cancer Prevention - Health benefits of drinking green tea

  • Joshua Thomas

    Green Tea Recipes for Weight Loss to Staying Healthy

  • Celia McQuiston Weight Loss, Health and Wellness Coach

    Something you should know: teas can be very beneficial to your health. Green tea, for example, is beneficial to heart health, liver health, cancer prevention, weight loss, and digestive system. Just remember: teas act as a diuretic. For ever 10 ounces of tea you drink, you will lose 12 oz of fluid. So drink your tea! and then add extra water to your menu to stay hydrated. Enjoy!

  • Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

    #Best #Pre #Anti #Ageing #Skin #Care #Tips and #Routine

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