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Would you buy a Lego kit that lets you build your own Apple store? If the answer is yes, there's now the (incredibly slim!) possibility that you'll be able to in the near future! Lego Cuusoo user "gotoandbuild" has designed...

PodBrix 1984 Playset. Replica of the commercial that introduced macintosh to the world. We miss you already Steve Jobs.

Idea Image - Please go to and support the creation of this Lego Set! They need people for Lego to seriously consider this and getting a license for it (this is straight from Lego's mouth).

The Steve and Woz Lego Set

It’s a real shame that this Podbrix set has sold out. I want one. I particularly like the LEGO Space Odyssey calendar and the LEGO Apple II. Perhaps I should go get some LEGO for my birthday; it’s been a while. (Hat tip: Mashable.) Related