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Two daily teaspoons of this natural ingredient will save your teeth and may even remove plaque and harmful bacteria.

Remove Tartar, Clean Plaque and Destroy Bacteria Using One Ingredient

Two daily teaspoons of coconut oil a natural ingredient will save your teeth and may even remove plaque and harmful bacteria.

Cómo averiguar si nuestro hijo necesita ortodoncia

Braces result in straight teeth and a stellar smile, but they can also lead to temporary discomfort. Read more about what to do about painful braces.

Why do we need mouthguards? Find out at http://safariofsmiles.com/mouthguard/

Regardless of age, all people who participate in any sport or activity where there is a risk of contact to the face, needs to wear a mouthguard to prevent dental injury

Fluoride Treatments can help to protect teeth from decay: Fluoride is simply a mineral that contributes to oral health by making teeth more resistant to acid produced by bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

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20 Amazing Benefits Of Mangoes For Skin, Hair, And Health

Do you know the array of health benefits mango has to offer? If no, learn here about benefits of mangoes, nutrition facts, healthy recipes & other fun facts

Old Fashion Lemonade Syrup! Keep in the refrigerator for those times when you want to make a wonderful glass of lemonade

Old Fashion Lemonade

Old Fashioned Lemonade from the "Anne of Green Gable's" cookbook. "The best lemonade you'll ever taste". (Also some delish variations: pink lemonade, strawberry lemonade & limeade). Perfect for a dinner party!

Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat

Bicycle Gel Seat Soft Cycling Saddle Comfortable Bike Cushion All Weather Cruise

Victorinox Swiss Classic 5-Inch Chef's Knife, Try Me Item by Swiss Army Brands. $19.99

Best kitchen knife for home use. Victorinox knife for your many and knifes will serve you well for a long time. educate yourself about best kitchen knife.

Braces for Kids - What you need to know - #orthodontics #orthodontist #surrey #braces #kids

Many people are under the impression that children with baby teeth do not need to see an orthodontist. Learn all about braces for kids.

Cheap inhaler spacing device to use in a pinch (some pulmonologists I know use this often on their trips to Africa). However, it does not work as well as the fancy ones because it is not anti-static (so some of the medicine sticks to the plastic), it doesn't have valves, and it doesn't have the little flap so you can see the breaths the child is taking and know it is secure

Emergency spacer - water bottle - better to use one without ribbing.

FREE Tooth Fairy printables!

Free Tooth Fairy Printables

An adorable Invoice for the Tooth Fairy. This Printable tooth fairy kit will add to the magic of your kiddos special moment.

Bronchiolitis: A toddler illness with no vaccine.

Bronchiolitis: One-Way Ticket to Suck City, Pt. 1

Kettler Home ExerciseFitness Equipment GIRO P Indoor Upright Cycling Trainer * You can get more details by clicking on the image.

KETTLER® Advantage GIRO P Upright Exercise Bike - Push and turn LCD display for instant feedback Auto-adjustable heart rate control program maintains target levels Adjustable handlebars and seat --.

Today I am going to share an amazing DIY detox bath recipe with you! I use this detox bath to relieve stress or to help get over a cold and it works great!

DIY Detox Bath Recipe

DIY Detox Bath Recipe C Epsom salts C sea salt C baking soda 2 t ground ginger 1 C apple cider vinegar Make this simple detox bath recipe with 5 ingredients you probably already have in your house!