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Absolutely! Hahaha That pic is funny! XD

The Armani will protect him. (Photo edit courtesy of Tawmmm. Additional edits by me. Original photo found here.)**Your home for whacked out Tom Hiddleston memes**


my name is audrey i don't take much seriously and i hit on everyone watch out loki // marvel // tom hiddleston // supernatural // cosplay // a variety of video games/anime // etc etc.

Tom HIddleston with the Tardis...I can't even... This should be completely real.

Tom Hiddleston found the TARDIS! is it Loki in disguise?) :loki uhh thor im stuck in Brittan can you get me:thor. Brother why do you get me in this stuff

Not really into Loki, but he looks pretty good here..

“feelmyroarrrr: “midgardiansuperstar: “Short Hair Loki reading, “Talking In Bed by Philip Larkin” ” beaglebitch prongspower insanely-smart d-m-jonas loki-has-stolen-the-tardis.

i love shakespeare tooooo!

Zachary Levi and Tom Hiddleston. Tom is perf and Zach Levi makes me laugh so much.

Tom Hiddleston

lokiwholockfactory: “beaglebitch: “ lokiwholockfactory: “ larygo: “ (x) ” ” Laing is delicious.

Tom Hiddleston Totally Nailed His Role as Eddie Redmayne's Elephant in a School Play

Yes, Tom Hiddleston Once Played Eddie Redmayne's Elephant in a Play

Tom Hiddleston Totally Nailed His Role as Eddie Redmayne's Elephant in a School Play

Look at you being all cute and smirky and "I know I'm adorable lalala." You really are Loki, aren't you? Throwing chaos at millions of unsuspecting Midgardians, making us want you, sneaking into our very dreams to torment us! Your plan is unfolding perfectly, you miserable trickster. I hate myself for loving you. When can I see you again?

hiddleston-daily: C: Look who dropped by! Stay tuned for hiddleston awesomeness (fret not, we got the hammer back w/ little strugg.