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the happiest sheep in the world.  can't help but pin this for a rainy day. @Alan Zedaker!

We are the sheep on the road for life. And look at how happy it makes us sheep!

big sheep, little lamb..

Both sheep and lamb wear excellent fur coats. The first shave of a lamb when it's one year old gives the softest hair. The longest hair comes from the sheep's back.

magicalnaturetour: Estos adorables fotos de captura perezosos jugar y relajarse en un santuario dedicado en Costa Rica huérfano.  Las criaturas lindas fueron fotografiados en Aviarios del Caribe, por Josh Norem / Especial NewsJosh viajó al santuario como voluntario y ayudó a cuidar a los bebés, darles de comer dos veces al día y enseñarles a centro climb.The, fundado por Judy y Luis Arroyo , ha estado funcionando desde 1997 y más de 500 osos perezosos han sido atendidos allí.

A Resident Baby Sloth of: "Aviarios Del Caribe" (A Sloth Sancturary) in Costa Rica. A Baby Sloth Cuddles up With His Teddy Bear.

baby lamb - how can anyone eat this. Linda and Paul McCarney became vegetarians.. when they were gazing out the window of their farm, enjoying the sight of the young lambs gamboling in the field .. while eating a meal of leg of lamb.  LInda said that was when the penny dropped, as they say, and that was it for them..

In my next life I'll have a sweet little farm, including baby lambs. They remind me of Jesus . silent as a lamb - yet fully God.

My farmhouse

God is so cool to create all of these wonderful living things, look at this cute lil guy. hey lamby-with-the-knobbly-knees!

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few things are as sweet as a baby lamb. Well, most baby animals are, but humans don't come close, sorry.

This clip will instantly lift your mood today and make your hearts melt for sure. ;) ==>  http://gwyl.io/baby-otter-comfortably-sleeps-mamas-belly/

Baby Otter Comfortably Sleeps On Its Mama's Belly


Mares eat oats & Does eat oats & little lambs eat ivy…or a pant leg will…

Mary's little lamb...wearing a collar!

Happy Jack - Southdown Lamb- wouldn't this bee cool to see a face like this everyday!