Magnets and pipe cleaners!!

Tornado in a

Easy To Make Discovery Bottles ... we love love love discovery bottles!!

Construction box - all play, no mess. :)

Cloud inspector. HOW COOL - love clouds x

20+ Pipe Cleaner Crafts and Activities. Youll never believe everything you can do with pipe cleaners. From art to learning activities and everything in between.

Teaching little ones about magnets with pipe cleaners!

...Can it be done? Try and find out...and then learn the science behind it! #kids #science #balloon #bottle #inflate

Fun with magnets: place paperclips into a vase of water, then use a magnet to guide them up to the top.

Cut straw beads

Fit the solar system in a jar: a fun craft that is both decorative and educational (via Red Ted Art)

Great idea for the magnetic wand and chips. I have never seen this before. Always love a new idea to for a popular therapy "tool"

Make Science Experiments Fun For The Kids

Activities with Bottle Tops

Water spray bottle painting w/stencils, great for working those fine motor skills

smell bottles

Science/ Discovery Bottle ideas

Make Your Own Jellyfish in a Bottle

Is it magnetic? center activity. Love this!