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Very clever.

Some Things Can’t Wait. Procrastination can create a mess. (See Mosiah Nov.

Missionary Work. #Mormonad #LDS #Mormon    More LDS Gems at: MormonFavorites.com

Fight Hunger: Serve a mission–We can feed the spiritual hunger by sharing the Bread of Life (see John From the June 1989 New Era magazine.

♥ Mormon Ad:  How Do You Punctuate the Gospel.?!

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Both classic and contemporary Mormonads encourage the youth to reach their full potential.

This is what happens when Avengers assemble…in your favorite Mormon Ads! Comic book fan Sean Leslie has recreated popular Mormon Ads with a superhero twist. The results are, dare we say it, super. 1. Put it on 2. Some assembly required 3. Rock solid 4. Just once won’t hurt 5. Rise above the blues 6. You’re never big enough …

Popular Mormon Ads Reimagined with Marvel Characters

★  This Missionary 'Thanksgiving in a Box' Kit is designed to give you a Quick and Easy way to send Your Missionary a Spiritual...

With Thanksgiving approaching, we wanted to take you back to the good ol' glory days of Mormonads even while we celebrate this season of gratitude and giving. Here are three great Mormonads that remind all Mormons why we have so much to be grateful for.

Temples and Temple Marriage.  #Mormonad #LDS #Mormon

Picture This. Visualize temple marriage, then focus on that goal - Mormonad Jul 1999