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a selfie of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe at the oscars awesome!

Daniel Radcliffe

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Daniel Radcliffe for fans of Daniel Radcliffe images.

Ben is hot in an unassuming way.

Ben Affleck Wins Acting Award. Seriously.

I'll say I never was a fan of Ben Afflack until I watched The Town. His performance in that should have gotten more notice, cuz I thought it was stellar!

Cheers from Leonardo DiCaprio

Cheers from Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic, The Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wallstreet

Oh dear. Dan, stop growing up.

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29 Tips To Make Your Day Magical At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Whether you want to roam the streets of Diagon Alley or cast some spells in Hogsmeade, these hacks and easter eggs will make your day a little more magical.

× Liv Tyler, a natural beauty, don't you agree? / #beauty #natural #lovely

Liv Rundgren Tyler 35 in Am. actress/model unbelievable beauty from ugly-ass but great character Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) & Bebe Buell (model/singer) sublimely gorgeous in roles: Onegin with ralph fiennes) Stealing Beauty w/ joseph fiennes)

I think my ovaries just burst  #scotteastwood #ithinkiminlove #sorrycraig #ilovehim

Oh this guy.so hot! True passion: In the new issue of Man of the World, Scott Eastwood reveals: 'If I didn't do this, I'd be a fireman; something su.