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How 1 Celebrity Trainer Says You Should Eat to Lose Weight

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Glen Giffen Counting calories is important; you need to take stock of just how many you should be eating every day in order to make smarter choices about your meals. But dietitians, nutritionists, and fitness experts

Waffled Mashed Potatoes With Bacon, Scallion, and Cheddar

Waffled Mashed Potatoes With Bacon, Scallion, and Cheddar | Serious Eats : Recipes: Want to try and veganize this...looks good...

Fitwirr "8 Minute Abs" Workout for Women Poster

30 Workouts Under 30 Minutes You Can Do Anywhere

You don't need to work out for hours: These workouts are all 30 minutes or less. And you can do them pretty much anywhere, anytime (as long as you have an internet connection).

Ready to get those arms toned and looking strong? Weight training has many benefits, especially for women but you can use body weight.

8 Moves To Tone Your Thunder Thighs

Thighs can be such a problem area to some women. Sometimes, it seems that no matter what you do, this typical area cannot be toned or tightened. However, that is not the case. As women, our hormones allow us to become... #bestweightlossprograms #resistancetrainingforweightloss #weightlossprograms

6 amazing ab exercises that are proven to work better than sit-ups! #workout #fitness on