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it's over. :'( #ThankYouAustinAndAlly

Yes, I watch this w/ my girls. :) And yes, Dez cracks me up. :)

FOTO EXCLUSIVO: Austin, Ally, Dez e Trish na melhor noite de suas vidas!

Here is an Instagram photo by @yayitsr5 (emıʟʏ ✿) And if you dont like Spoilers for this episode than dont read it but this is so beautiful i cried and it looks like Ally is too Awwww So many feels

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Twitter / AdorableR5: @flowerrrs25 @Anna Totten Helgadottir K ...

Ally: Hey, I got you your very own songbook. Austin: Awww! Thanks Ally. Ally: And look it even has-- Austin: DON'T TOUCH MY BOOK! ;)

'Austin & Ally' Series Finale Recap - Spoilers Ahead!: Photo #913443. SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED! We're not crying...we're not crying...okay, JJJ is totally crying! The Austin & Ally series finale…