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I guess Putin isn't in bed with Monsanto/Bayer, the way our government is. This is a sad commentary on our own government!

Agenda 21, New world order, Gmo's, Fema camps, N.D.A.A, Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P, Fluoridated water, Monsanto Protection act, Bilderburg group, please Research for yourself!!! And Tell others what you learn!!!


At First He's Just Sitting, But By The Time He Stands? I Have Chills.

HUMAIN, 100% organique. La couleur peut varier. Positionner tête en haut, manier avec précaution, fragile, à garder au sec.

from The Huffington Post

New Study Finds Bee Venom Can Kill HIV

If ever a truly evil corporation existed, they are the poster child. Boycott anything they make...GMO's, the research Brothers and do not support them in any way, shape or form.

from Foursquare

Washington, D.C.

Thinkers not welcome in #NWO @CRNC @Libertarians4Us @collegedems @yrnf @youngdems @youngcons @Instagram @KatyPerry