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Confession: i am scared of sparklers.. eversince i got shocked and it looked like a sparkler..

The Hills. Lippi Lippi Riemen Kimery we have to make these pineapples to hold drinks in at the pool!

Ain't no doctor or theropeutic that can take the pain away. The pains inside and nobody frees you from your body it's the soul that needs the surgery〰〰Beyoncé

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

I tend to strive to be somewhat of a people pleaser. I try to avoid topics of disagreement with people I want to maintain a relationship with so I will be more quiet around certain people or I will try to find shared interests

Good morning Marci!!;);) Yes I slept good too but I didn't dream about you directly:( I dreamt something that I was on some party with lots of people and then I had gotten onto the roof and couldn't get off and I late for a date:( was I ever max!!!