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Instagram photo by ライトニング Final Fantasy • Nov 2015 at UTC

✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime girl. . .school uniform. . .seifuku. . .sailor uniform. . .pleated skirt. . .thigh high stockings. . .smile. . .line art. . .drawing. . .kawaii:

"Leave the past, live the present, create the future.." || Happy New Year 2017 edit || Anime: Koe No Karachi - A Silent Voice (2016) || © Edited by Karunase ||

I am different. I am me. I make friends with owls and drink tea. Judge me if you like. But unlike you I am happy. I walk misty paths, and live in wild forests. I stop at circuses to stay hello, but never stay for more then a day. I like the nights. The stars to me are lighter then the shining sun. I am who I am and I change for no one.


True, and usually closer to the back. i sit right at the back right of my classroom and i am right next 2 the window really

I don't watch this anime but super cute!! Update: now I watch this stupid amazing anime!