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    • Deanna Mero

      Good-bye! See you later, alligator! After while, crocodile! In an hour, sunflower! Maybe two, kangaroo! Gotta go, buffalo! Adios, hippos! Chow, chow brown cow! See you soon, baboon! Adieu, cockatoo! Better swish, jellyfish! Chop, chop, lollipop! Gotta run, skeleton! Bye-bye, butterfly! Better shake, rattle snake!

    • lucy m

      In an hour, sunflower Gotta go, buffalo Adios, hippos Better swish, jellyfish Byebye, butterfly <3

    • Valerie Nash

      Goodbye! See you later, alligator! After a while crocodile! Chop, chop, lollipop! Lots of ways to say Bye-Bye!

    • Tyra Kennedy

      Goodbye! See you later alligator! After a while crocodile! And I know our sunflower! Maybe to kangaroo! Got to go Buffalo! Audios hippos! Ciao ciao brown cow! See you soon baboon! Are you cockatoo! Better swish jellyfish! Chop chop lollipop! Got a run skeleton! Bye-bye butterfly! Better shake rattle snake! Our school day now ends, so goodbye good friends!

    • Tina Bell

      See you later, Alligator... My kids get SO MAD when I get on a roll with the bye-byes...I've never heard some of these.. (Better swish, jellyfish? LOL)

    • gingerbreaddice .

      GOOD-BYES! better swish, jellyfish! Be sweet parakeet, Blow a kiss, jellyfish, and tood-a-loo caribou!

    • heyleila

      Better swish, jellyfish...chop, chop, lollipop! ...These make no sense, and they're wonderful. xP

    • Peggy Deardurff

      Good Bye Quote-Means there is more than one way to say goodbye to someone.

    • Queen Jazlyn

      The goodbye poem. So cute! lol better swish jellyfish

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