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a reward system for doing chores and more with a good attitude. I think I might laminate play money and use this concept to start teaching him the value of good work and saving towards a goal.

I think the idea is great but I can't see myself letting my 2-3 year old empty the dishwasher but that's just me...

Reward Cards with printables! I think this is a great way to just randomly "catch" your child taking initiative, using good manners, making good decisions, sharing, helping out, or any other positive behavior you want reinforced.

Love this, since time out and/ or spanking haven't proven effective... Uh-Oh chores for when kids are naughty, whiney, tattle-taling, etc. Such a great idea!

"Good deed cards" for kids. Punch holes for good deeds, and once they do 10 they get a treat. I would maybe set some ground rules first though (maybe a hole punched if they did all their chores one day, etc, rather than for EVERY good thing they do)

A blessing for ME! This would hopefully cut down on me repeating myself and help train my children to be heroes to this Mommy!

In home store- reward system for chores, good behavior. Kids earn money and can make purchases from store.

LOVE IT! Let's them know what has to be done and what you need help with. Great way to show community service begins in the home. Put an allowance "value" on the back like good for 1 sleepover, 1 movie ticket, or 1 lipgloss. Know their currency : )

Made something like this and used clothes pins with their names that they move up and down. At the end of the day they get a token for "good job" or two tokens for "great job", then at the end of the week they get to "shop" and spend their tokens for rewards. Works GREAT for my boys. - BK

Chore Sticks for Kids! ~ at ~ Keep track of the chores for your kids with this simple system! #thefrugalgirls

gems in a jar-rewards for good behavior, 10 gets a prize (cheap, $1 section stuff)... really thinking this might help, but I would think of different things as the rewards, like computer or video game minutes, staying up 10 minutes later at bedtime...

Rewards for Chores.... I'll give the choice of allowance or they can use their "money" to buy these items..... Cool