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  • K S

    redheads have no soul

  • claudia

    Ginger jokes never get old. All my best friends are red heads! o-o

  • Helen Wallace Iles-Autism

    Ginger jokes never get old! Still laughing... :)))

  • Sue Horton

    A Harry Potter ginger meme!! World's collide and giggles occur!!

  • Elizabeth Dorey

    FUMAGA: funny stuff++ - watch out ron dementors they will eat your soul

  • Arelena Savic

    If anyone knows hairy humour, it's Ron Weasley. It marks him as a Weasley, which is treated both as a joke within the Harry Potter series and the fandom, and subjects him to common muggle ginger jokes. In this case, making fun of the "advantage" he has against soul sucking Dementors due to gingers lacking a soul to suck.

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