Diamond Threadworks Microwave Heating Bags Corn Bags Wheat Bags Rice Bags Hot Packs Safety Instructions Patterns

Make Ice Packs From a Kitchen Sponge My Kitchen Escapades and small baggie

Heat Therapy Pillows: I make these with either rice or feed corn from a feed store. They are always a huge hit.

Fabric Covered Boxes - thrifty! No more buying fancy boxes (This actually has the instructions)

Repurposed sweater bag

Thrift Store HOT: Upcycled Sweaters!

How to make an elephant doorstop - Step-by-step instructions.

Tie cinnamon sticks around your candles. the heated cinnamon makes your house smell amazing. good holiday gift idea too.

Candy Corn on The Cob (on a banana) Ha-ha! so cute.

Temporary draw-on tattoo for child safety during amusement park, zoo trips and vacation

The Magic Corn Trick ~ The corn will just slide out leaving the silk and all of the husks intact.

Microwaveable Heat Monsters! So Cute! Great idea! I have made a whale before but monsters would be awesome and easier.

Simple Winter Sewing Project: Hot Rice Bags : http://thetanglednest.com/2009/11/simple-winter-sewing-project-hot-rice-bags/

Whole back heat pack made from rice and old T-shirt: Up-cycling Hubby's Old T-shirt: Complete tutorial here.

Microwave Heating Pads: Corn Bags, Wheat Bags, Rice Bags, Hot Packs -- Safety Instructions, Patterns

Rice Shoulder Heating Pad, with Lavender tutorial!

Hot/Cold Rice Pack --wishing my sewing machine worked and wasn't in storage!!! Any one want to make me one???

Car Trash Bag

Rice heating pad tutorial

Make your own reusable snack/sandwich bags using repurposed mylar. FREE Tutorial includes template, instructions, photos and tips!