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And then you try to fill the void with Twilight, and that doesn't work at ALL. Then Hunger Games, but you finish all the books and it's too long till Catching Fire. And now you're neck-deep in Doctor Who and you remember you don't have cable and go FUCK I'M SCREWED. I pinned this for the post-potter depression but dear Lord the caption is my life to a t.

*sniffle* when I am old and reading Harry Potter in my rocking chair for the billionth time and my family asks "after all this time" and I will say "Always" *sniffle* (if you don't get that you fail)

Y do people always say "it's only a book series?!" Harry Potter is my life! I've watched it since I was a kid! I grew up with it and will never grow out of it! IT'S NOT JUST A BOOK SERIES!

Nerd girl problem #189 - When you know that there can never be a sequel to your favorite book because the author is dead.

Are there people who don't??? (Also I'm very excited to have found a 'real nerd girl' problem. I was getting sick of seeing the ones about having celebrity crushes and stuff. Just because you have a crush or like a movie doesn't make you a nerd. And we're not fooled by your gigantic non-prescription eyeglasses either. K rant over)

ok, i must be a real dork or somthing, cause i hate when this happens!!! and even with my hard cover books, if theres a fuzzy on it i freak! (cause 1) the hunger games are awesome, and 2) i would die if my book got ruined!)