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    Gotta love Amy Farrah Fowler and The Big bang Theory. #humor

    I miss being the age when I thought I'd have my shit together by the time I was the age I am now.


    So, I am going to go stand outside. If anyone asks, tell them I'm OUTSTANDING! #someecards

    How to store your flour� If you don't get this, we can't have ever been friends!

    Funny Breakup Ecard: Lesson one: Only trust people who like big butts... They cannot lie.

    Because sometimes I need to laugh when I'm home alone!

    Ha! Ha! Maybe if I put our vacuum on the kitchen table the cats would get the hint... spray bottles are not working.

    Funny Confession Ecard: She thinks she's hot shit on a silver platter but she's just a cold turd on a paper plate.

    This is what happens to me at 9:00pm every night. Shit gets real for everybody in the house.