Bang. I'm awesome bitches. Write that down.

bitch, please!

You find it offensive? I find it funny, that's why I'm happier than you. #ecards

I'm so glad that Pinterest is just FB bumper stickers on crack. I missed bumper stickers.


I have a disease called Awesome. You won't understand because you don't have it.

Bahahahahahaha I love this

I say fuck face all the TIME!!!! lol This is perfect for me.


I think she must have a 'cynical self' too. Wonder if hers and mine know each other. I could ask mine, but she's being a bitch and not talking.

Ha! That's awesome!


Guess i'll check my Facebook and see who is being a whiny little bitch today.


Google that Bitches!

Like being nice to others

I love making up random words for bitches i don' t like. Haha

yep its always my fault

I had no intention of waking up this morning and being this fabulous, but as you know, some things are simply out of our control.