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    Funny Friendship Ecard: Awesome dipped in awesome, covered in bitch sprinkles. Yup, that's me.

    Gotta love Amy Farrah Fowler and The Big bang Theory. #humor

    I realize that I am highly educated and have an expansive vocabulary, but sometimes the most appropriate thing to say is OMG!!

    Bang! I'm awesome b***hes. Write that down.

    This is my answer to your stupid comments (if only you could say this, I'll just have to think it instead)

    I actually said to a guy I was dating once, in response to, "Why you always gotta act like a man?" "Stop acting like a bitch and won't have to be the man."

    Someday I'll be a 90 year old woman. With my same dirty mind and even dirtier mouth. It's going to be AWESOME.

    I'm my own biggest fan. I'm going to repin all my pins just to double the awesome.

    ATTENTION: everyone please take this to heart. Sometimes I go to repin a tacky ecard, but then think, "no, I might be judged for this one" so I decide to be a lady and not pin it... Well no more! I mean, it's just an ecard and we should all admit they're funny ;)

    But really, I still have a hard time being mean even when people are rude!

    What I lack in skinniness I make up for in awesomeness.

    Funny Breakup Ecard: Here's all your bullshit back. I dont need it anymore.