Bang. I'm awesome bitches. Write that down.

bitch, please!

I have a disease called Awesome. You won't understand because you don't have it.

Ha! That's awesome!

Look, don't be a fuckface. | Cry For Help Ecard |

I'm so glad that Pinterest is just FB bumper stickers on crack. I missed bumper stickers.

Bahahahahahaha I love this

I think she must have a 'cynical self' too. Wonder if hers and mine know each other. I could ask mine, but she's being a bitch and not talking.


Us Bitches, no kidding let it out it's been awhile

Sorry I'm so moody, I got my period and it is like my vagina is on an episode of hoarders and it's at the part where they are throwing everything out.

Funny Sympathy Ecard: Sex with three people is called a threesome, and sex with two people is called a twosome. I guess that's why they call you handsome.

Just remember: Any bitch before me was a mistake and any bitch after me is a downgrade.


Well this explains my sister very well...

I saw a spider in my bathtub so, I got a tissue and very, very carefully, burned the house down. | Confession Ecard |

Yes. #beingadult


So, I just found out I'm awesome. You might want to get yourself tested.

The back better say look at her butt...with an arrow pointing down. Just saying.