Find out how much your health insurance might cost and if you may be eligible for financial help by using our cost-estimate calculator.

Through Medicaid expansion, a large group of adults who would not have qualified for Medicaid in the past are now eligible for free health coverage.

With new year, Medicaid takes on a broader health-care role - The Washington Post

Learn how health insurance is changing in 2014.

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Foundation for Health Coverage Education

Senior Centers in Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson & Pacific Counties, WA

There are plenty of organizations that provide free or low-cost help with meals, transportation, housing, finances, and more.

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Could you be on the fast track to Alzheimer’s — or another brain disease such as Parkinson’s, memory loss, or dementia? Brain degenerative diseases that used to be seen in the 70 to 80 age group are now showing up in 50 to 60-year-olds — and sometimes as early as the 30’s and 40’s. And …

The Washington Association of Area Agencies on Aging (W4A) is a membership organization made up of 13 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Washington State.

Veterans Affairs

Link to Administration on Aging HomePage

Administration on Aging

Matches Washington State residents receiving in-home care services with screened and per-qualified home care workers.

National Training Program Video by CMS (Center on Medicare & Medicaid Services) for the new Health Care Exchanges

Washington Connection offers you a way to find and apply for a variety of services and assistance online.