I don't care what people say, rats are not disgusting, they are beautiful, friendly, intelligent little creatures

best friends Atermis the pit and Fluttershy the rat, two misunderstood creatures who have a great mom.

A gorgeous silver rattie !

A portrait of a beauty | Animals photos

Don't tell me this is not adorable! Rats can be pets too, they are really smart :)

Cute Pet Rat


RAT HANDS! their hands look so human, pity people don't treat them with more humanity.

Erm, don't forget to towel me off...


I’ll never get why rats are ever be considered vile and disgusting creatures. They groom themselves constantly, and when tamed, they are the most loving things in the world. They are fun to be around, and very intelligent. I do not understand why so many people have such a hatred for them. Bless their tiny little souls.


Rats are so cute, I love their little hands :)

Sleeping rattie

Pet rats! Cute

A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labour. Shortly after she became depressed, her health declined & she was diagnosed with depression. So they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth & gave them to the tiger. The tiger now loves these pigs & treats them like her babies. OMG

According to @Alex Leichtman Charikova 6 Months Neman, this rat is playing a cello. I believe her, but I'm still going to tell myself it's a double bass so I can name the rat Ted :D

People find rats gross but I think they are flipping adorable :)

How to Train Your Pet Rat - Rats are intelligent, fun, energetic, mischevious, naughty, cuddly & cute. They're also V smart & can pick up basic training V quickly. It's loads of fun to train your little fuzzball & your rattie will love it too !!