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The splendor of God. I feel like this sometimes, as Your light filters in the forest of my thoughts. I love Your light, Lord.

The Old Lake (log life) by Carlos Casamayor photo-realistic painting in tribute to the artists parents ... an analogy for life, each of us in our own boat, the lake is our journey, the book holds memories with a rose for loves and friendships ... points in and out of focus represent obstacles that arise and (having passed) the fog represents calm.

Lauren Conradfrom Lauren Conrad

Friday Favorites

Pink Trees reminiscent of the color of the sky. To me there is almost a liquid quality to the whole environment, reminiscent of the water. PLUS you can sit down on the bench and enjoy the scenery.

The tree of love, also called tree of life, is in fact the union of two different trees, the fig and Hasina. You must know that the fig tree is a strangler fig tree: a tree that had a lot of water tends to be a parasite on other plants close to him. Usually the fig kills the host tree, but wonderful thing in this case the two trees live in perfect harmony.