For all those I love deeply who are hurting right now. Please feel God's love and arms around you and know that He is God! Our God! Who loves us unconditionally and has a plan for all His children. Pain and heartbreak is encountered along the way, but, bury your head in God's heart and know all will be fine. Love to all.

needed this one today.

Love this Joyce Meyer quote. Definitely my "shero".

So true

I really love this. Something to remember.


I try to remember this every day. And I try to remind others of the same. We are only here on earth for a short time. Remember that we are on earth with three things to accomplish. We are here to Teach, Learn and Love. Nothing else matters. Do Your Part.

God didn't promise

Faith Timing - Neal A Maxwell

I need this constant reminder.

don't settle for mediocre.


Need to remember this!


i could use that advice

God Always.


So true! : )

And I am wondering the same thing ;)