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This is the same as the one I had

Retro Troll Doll: I'm not sure why these were so popular, but yes, I too was smitten. #Doll #Troll

1980s Rainbow Bright doll with sprite by KibbsCreations on Etsy, $25.00 My most memorable, and favorite toy of my childhood. She met a very unhappy end at the hands of an evil boarder patrol officer. I will own her again soon.

Imagine seeing this doll standing at the end of a dark hallway. Then your cousin comes scurrying out their room walking like ET. Terrifying.

Always wanted this doll! Good thing my cousin had it, so I would get my fix! :)

You could pull her hair out of the top of her head to make it long, or twist the knob on her back to make it go back in.

matchbox babies, deze had ik vroeger ook!

matchbox doll, I remember these I had a green one and a couple of animal ones too

lady lovely locks. I had the one with red hair and a yellow dress. It was a gift for my 5th birthday! I can still remember it!!