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    I say this all the time when trying to explain infertility

    So You Were Diagnosed with PCOS... |

    Light can't be seen unless we have darkness. We can't go up if there's no where to go up from. We can't experience the greatest contrasts in life if we don't have both. Dualities: what makes life wonderful, challenging and amazing all at once. If you're experiencing darkness, a huge burst of light is on its way! Trust THAT.

    Crying is healthy and normal so long as you feel a sense of relief afterwards. It's okay to cry. Be careful if you find yourself crying for no particular reason or if you don't feel a sense of relief afterwards. That may be a sign of depression.

    RESOLVE Walk of Hope Atlanta I would love to find a similar walk here in TX

    Life Abundant | September is PCOS Awareness Month | lifeabundant-blog...

    #PTSD #Endometriosis

    Don't ever think that the person you are looking at isn't struggling in some way. I wish people could realize the pain and struggle I have every day dealing with this. We pray, we love, we hope. #iui #ivf

    This is how infertility feels it sucks to feel inadequate

    As an addition, I don't remember what it feels like to be healthy anymore, as well as no pain. It's absurd how quickly you forget something so great, to the point that you're never sure if what you're living with is what's normal or simply something you've gotten too used to. Bah.

    Do You Ever Have A Day Where You Think 'Will It EVER Be My TURN?' ~ EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE #Infertility

    This is even harder when people don't know that you're sick. I was in denial FOR YEARS but I would literally seethe with resentment when people would whine about their splinter/paper cut/pulled muscle. The kicker would be anyone telling me to suck it up when I had something discernible that seemed minor to them, but compounded the daily pain I experienced. :(

    What PCOS Feels Like....VERY accurate!

    One of my favorite songs.... A Song for a Miscarriage, Infertility, or Adoption Loss

    As many times that I have belt this song out, I had no clue that it was about #infertility

    Baby envy: Why it hurts to be a bitter infertile woman in a very fertile world.

    "God knows our situation; He will not judge us as if we had no difficulties to overcome. WHAT MATTERS is the SINCERITY and PERSEVERANCE OF OUR WILL to overcome them." ~ C.S. Lewis

    Journey/path quote via

    Don't give up, it will be worth it

    Depression isn't just a mental illness, it also affects you physically.

    Twas the Night Before Pregnancy Test - a poem for those of you fighting infertility

    I hate that I feel this way... the sadness, jealousy, hurt... all because I don't have the option of having a sweet baby. Something I deal with every day when seeing someone else is pregnant, or expecting again.... it's so hard to show a smile on the outside when everything is dying on the inside.

    All the time but he assures me that no matter what we will live a happy life and he will always love me.

    Romans 12: 12