"Dissecting Didot" by Deepanjali Singh

goodtypography: ““Dissecting Didot” by Deepanjali Singh “A personal project to dissect and then rearrange the Didot typeface, that arose from this question : "Is the essence of Didot still intact if.

Well, I mean... Huh, that's weird hahaha. I understand what you're saying but the stakes aren't high & if that's how you motivate yourself I feel like a horrible person haha. Can you think of another way to motivate yourself maybe? Haha like, idk, just something else...it's kind of funny because any reason to motivate yourself to workout other than to get healthier kind of sounds superficial. I do it because I just want to look & feel better. The look part is shallow but idc, that's why I do…

Typography inspiration

As we always say ''typograpy is everywhere'',one of the most common use of typography is in the poster designs.Typography has long been a vital part of

Kate Gibb work - screenprint

Very cool series of screen prints. Image of Shape Print — Fluorescent Blue and Fluorescent Yellow by Twotimeselliot

Typography, Letterpresses

Quim Marin / Sam89 / Poster / 2013

currently obsessed with huge bold header text and tiny body text, creates a great sense of tension and interesting negative space

Emanuel Cohen: Canadian graphic designer

Canadian Graphic Designer Emanuel CohenEmanuel Cohen is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada, specializing in art direction an — Designspiration

Tin sign

Aeroflot old Russian airline poster - wonderful colours as well as great design. I flew Aeroflot in Scariest flight I've ever made.