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Siesta (by big andrei) The cat or dog etc do not care how rich or poor you are or do they care how good or bad housekeeper you are! A cat only wants a warm body to curl up when it is cold at night and some kitty acceptable food. Our first cat only wanted cat food but our cat now, who was picked up off the street and we adopted loves to get little bits of human food and by the way he flirts with us to get a scrap I would say he did well on the street!

'That TOOPID dog underestimates me ... to my great advantage' :))))))))

Oh, the curiosity of's a big part of why they are so endearing to me. ♥ those kitty-kitties!

This is so scary how much these kitties look like Midge and Gustav!

"Yes, I'd like one benchful of cats, please, and make em sleepy."

I, want a house in the porch, with a bed down comforter water, tummies for my tummy, when I take my nap, in the porch mom! Just like inside! You know I, love seeing the neighbors when they come back house from school! And I can't lay in the ground! Would you?

You know every cat or dog would do this; they are secretly jealous of any relationship and time spent away from them

Ok this is what we're gonna do ... I climb on your back and then you.......

Cats and bubbles. Few things in life are better.

This Hug Between A Cat And His Human Might Be The Best Hug Of All Time....exactly what wolfie does when i come home

"A cat does not want all the world to love her--only those she has chosen to love." --Helen Thomson