"I do this lesson every year, but never had this poem. It will be a good addition! (With Chrysanthemum!)"

"It's Hard to Fix a Wrinkled Heart" Activity to Go with Book, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

This is a recipe you would not want to be without in your life

LOVE!!!! Give each student a puzzle piece to decorate... keeping the edges intact so it can be re-assembled. Use for a lesson in acceptance... how each individual piece is beautiful on its own. But what a masterpiece you get when you put them all together! Beginning of the year for team building!

Glitter Germs! Put it on the counselor's hands, and then have everyone, including the counselor, shake hands with everyone. Notice how the "germs" spread!...A variation is using this idea to demonstrate how your positive or negative attitude can spread. Use with the lesson on bullying too.

EGGScellent Diversity Lesson.

Before you speak Think and be smart It's hard to fix A wrinkled heart

Wrinkled Heart activity to talk about bullying - good activity for No Name Calling Week

My kids school needs this because many kids are victims without anyone doing anything about it, and when the child being bullied reacts they end up getting in trouble! Great Poster on What IS Bullying... Exclusion, Physical, Lies or Rumors, Threats, Verbal Abuse or Teasing... Generally a Combination of the Above

End of the School Year Ideas! http://www.theorganizedclassroomblog.com/index.php/blog/end-of-the-year-stars

Doing this next year!

Heart Maps-kind of like making a journal topics list.

Lining up poem

Beginning of the Year Team Building activities!!

Poem that is great for diversity!

First Day of School activity: Questions and "sticky" answers: What will you need to do to be successful this year? What will you [the teacher] need to do to help you be successful this year? What do you expect to learn this year in X grade? What should students be doing to make sure our class runs as smoothly as possible? School is important because...

social skills lessons

A good lesson to teach on MLK Day that we all look different, but inside we are all the same.

Great beginning of the year activity!

Lesson for beginning the new school year.