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Peter Frampton

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Peter O'Toole

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Vintage Peter

Peter Frampton, still handsome after all these years!

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Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton

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Curly Hair


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Al Stewart - "Year of The Cat"

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Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way (Live Midnight Special 1975).avi - YouTube

Frampton 1975

Peter Frampton S

Frampton Baby

Classic Peter

Classic Rock

Full Peter

Peter O'Toole

Special 1975

Special Peter

Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do Midnight Special 1975 FULL - YouTube

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Stevens Tea

Stevens 1948

Stevens Loved

Cat Stevens - Yusuf, What a handsome man and a great singer/songwiter. So many great songs.

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The Rolling Stones way back in 1963 (50 years!)

Lido Venice

Beach Venice

Venice 1963

Venice Italy

Paul Venice

Paul Newman Venice

Venice Film

Lido Beach

Italy 1963

Paul Newman on the shore in Lido, Venice, 1963. Absolutely stunningly detailed photograph, truly capturing 'a moment in time'.

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Rock Hudson: Born Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. November 17, 1925 Winnetka, Illinois, USA Died October 2, 1985 (aged 59) Beverly Hills, California, USA Cause of death AIDS-related complications Other names Roy Harold Fitzgerald Roc Hudson Occupation Actor Years active 1948–1984 Spouse(s) Phyllis Gates (m. 1955–1958

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drew barrymore

Happy Marilyn

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Smiling Marilyn

Beautiful picture of Marilyn Monroe!

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Clairmont Henry

Faceclaim Henry

Henry Cavill

Polo Neck

Black Polo

Smith Wearing

Dame Maggie

Smith Photographed

1964 Photo

Downton Abbey

Harry Potter

Potter Star

Maggie Smith, 1964 – Terence Donovan