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Circa 1841-1859 flow blue "Chapoo" theme bowl by J. Wedgwood of England. Another thrift shop find. Chapoo, now called Zhapu, in 1842 was a city involved in the Chinese Opium Wars.

This 1868-1891 plate was an incredible surprise at the thrift store today. Bryonia is the theme. I've seen this plate before, as it was quite popular back in the day, but to see one at the thrift store was much a surprise.

Circa 1927 (I think it was rewired) motorized White Sewing Machine I fixed up (cleaned/oiled; some before pics, mostly all after). It works (photo one is of it running and lit by its lamp). Found it for a good price at a thrift store today and hope to make a profit. This one I believe was meant to be a portable one (judging by the wooden box it sets in, which wouldn't connect to a desk-type machine like my others.