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    Son, they have no wine... "as many as 3,000 confirmed or suspected cases of forced marriage in the US from 2009 to 2011" | Countdown to the Synod | Two obscure synod topics: Marriage prep, forced unions [Cana teaches us that wine cannot be 'forced' from water, the miracle was a FREEly-willed grace from God-the-Son enebriating the FREE-wills of the spouses' union, a fermentation of their natural physical sweetness, the metaphysical leaven of life]

    Of wine in the jars… & a Samaritan woman at a (water) well — "Jesus spoke to the her about her actual life of marital musical chairs, she diverted conversation away from such "small matters" to the Big Picture. Not for her the small life of integrity before God. She wanted to talk Big Think abstractions like "Temple & Worship Regulations in Jewish & Samaritan Theology: Comparison & Contrast." Willy nilly, she had to face God here, in present moment not vague future…" | Mark Shea NCRblogs

    Art at Becker Middle School: Chinese Ming Vases

    Murano glassware shelf

    Murano glassware shelf

    Murano glassware shelf

    Murano glassware shelf

    Murano glassware shelf, capacity for development filled out here

    6 wine jars, 5 loaves & 2 fishes - the gilt-framed silver-plate art (R/L of dining room crucifix) remind Society of Jesus of miracles at Cana & Bethsaida premonitions "do this in memory of me" at the last supper [July's month most Precious Body] and Blood as food for eternal life - The Marriage Feast at Cana being the Gospel at the Papal mass in Guayaquil, Christopher Wells' report "the best is yet to come" here

    Italian Language School Poster: Italian Words About Feelings with English Translation - Bilingual Classroom Chart

    no that's no a sponge and a piece of vinyl pipe its Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese attending a marriage guidance session together - hopefully because they're married to each other and not to Mr Cheese and Mrs Chalk, chuckel!

    HANSON: A nation of promiscuous prudes -" More than 500 people were killed in Chicago last year. Yet Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel still found time to berate the fast-food franchise Chick-fil-A for not sharing “Chicago values” apparently because its founder does not approve of same-sex marriage. Two states have legalized marijuana, with more to come. Yet social taboos against tobacco smoking make it nearly impossible to light up a cigarette in public places."...more>>

    The "Like" button is all you need to say "Happy anniversary!"

    The Marriage at Cana – a miracle -- The marriage ceremony at Cana is only remembered on account of the alcohol that was offered to the wedding guests, but for that reason alone it remains one of the most famous weddings in the history of that Holy Sacrament. | image Cana Posted in Bible, Miracle, Religion at lookandlearn historical illustrations

    duchowe/duchowość (spirit-spirituality Polish apse mural Jesus first miracle (cud) at Cana | image Zdjęcie od zatletic, małżeństwo w Kanie lub wesele w Kanie - Obraz stockowy: 5000608

    Singapore Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Commission for the Family | Pope Francis: Christ promises his grace to the conjugal union April 29, 2015 Catechesis on the Family | image - Wedding at Cana

    Pope Francis to fidanzate (affianced, the betrothed) "Leggete i 'Promessi Sposi' e non bruciate le tappe!" "The covenant of love between man and woman, a covenant for life, is not improvised; it is not made from one day to another" May 27, 2015 ( Wednesday general audience held today in St. Peter's Square | image www.freebibleimag...

    So very true ... Stay strong... MG even the strongest wine was once a grape under pressure

    -- | of water into wine | first joyful, central, pivotal Mystery of faith imagined as vase containing white lily [Image: The Annunciation by Sassrtta, petrus.agricola, via Flickr]

    … | of water into wine | … expectant couple blessed beside fountain ▶ Pope Francis "recalling that Jesus' first miracle took place during the wedding at Cana, when He transformed water into wine & thus ensured that the celebrations could take place. “This fact reminds us of Genesis, when God completed His creation with his masterpiece: man & woman … Jesus began His miracles with this masterpiece, in marriage …" visnews-en.blogsp...

    Authentic Intimacy- what can you do about human trafficking

    The mystery of the "woman" at Cana - Mary in St JPII's encyclical Redemptoris Mater: Thus there is a mediation: Mary places herself between her Son and mankind in the reality of their wants, needs and sufferings. ... and in fact, she ‘has the right’ to do so. Her mediation is thus in the nature of intercession: Mary ‘intercedes’ for mankind.

    Artur Rosman "Marriage is a kind of martyrdom" from water into wine, click on Fr Behr's Youtube interview at "Coffee with Sr Vassa"

    Pick your favorite tipple 🍷 to describe your feeling: cider 🍷 merlot 🍷 sangria 🍷 punch 🍷 mulberry wine 🍷 chartreuse 🍷 tawny port | image: The Color Thesaurus

    Whether you can't find a babysitter or just need to shake up your date night routine, this list of 15 fun and frugal date night ideas for tired parents is just what you need!