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    Librarian, the original search engine #funny #Google

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    Research shows the CORRELATION BETWEEN SCHOOL LIBRARY STAFFING & LEARNING - - "AASL’s School Library Research examines social media policies & librarian staffing" - Follow the link. -- Evidence proves the need for trained library staff. -- "Professional Staffing Levels and Fourth - Grade Student Research in Rural Schools with High - Poverty Levels" - VERY SCHOLARLY -

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    Librarian, the original search engine. #libraries #quotes

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"19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand | Buzzfeed." This is so true haha

Reading Room

Book quote :)

The Biggest Problem Of Readers

Yeah. Movies and books

Jane Austen

Social dilemma of a bookworm.

Ray Bradbury

A great Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Open a book

Seriously though hahah

Here's the challenge: read 12 books in 12 categories in 2015. Mark each pin with the category it fits in for YOU. Plus a free printable to track your reading.

Yes, I am one of those bookworms.

I have done this many times. I go into librarian mode, asking questions about what they like, what they've read previously.

A long time sufferer.

So very true.




Ummm yep

People who read

Book talk

Opening a new book and knowing what explores felt when they discovered land.