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Same idea - different use  *Expand a writing topic - Write the topic, explain and expand. *Summarize a text - most details down to the maid idea.

candy corn place value - standard, expanded, and word form. Perfect for October!

I know I've pinned this site before, but I love her math notebook!  I'm using this place value chart next week in my class.

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Math Notebooks. teacher explains and provides photos of items, some of which include vocabulary foldables, in a math notebook.

Teaching place value of decimals this week!  Going to make this anchor chart pronto!  
Nice Decimal Place Value Poem

Anchor chart with decimal place value poem. Helps kids read and write decimals. Of course, after looking at the chart, we should be thankful she's teaching math and not teaching spelling. (Thousandths) : )

math notebook rules

Good explanation/intro page for students' math notebooks. Re-type and correct the last paragraph. Not sure if we'll have math notebooks this year, but this might be handy later.

Fraction Anchor Chart

The Hanleys: Grade Math- Anchor Charts/Posters Lots of help for teaching math concepts!

Math Week by Week Essentials Freebie Downloads

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Favorite Sites Look into Math week-by-week essentials and interactive reading comprehension sites for upcoming school year!

Math = Love: Foldables, Templates, Graphic Organizers, and Downloads

Math = Love: Order of Operations (PEMDAS) Foldable and Graphic Organizer

Math journal - factors and multiples

Math Journal Sundays

Prime and Composite Numbers, Factors and Multiples math journal entry @ Runde's Room- Australian Curriculum - Identify & describe factors & multiples of whole numbers & use them to solve problems

Equivalent fractions using a multiplication chart. BRILLIANT!! No one ever showed me this in school!

Maths, Fractions - Equivalent fractions using a multiplication chart. No one ever showed me this in school!

Place value anchor chart!

Place value anchor chart Tara Teaches: August 2012 "That's right. Or would 'Your Majesty' be more appropriate?