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endangered pangolin

It's a pangolin, from Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. And it's beautiful. A pangolin has large keratin scales covering its skin, the only mammal with this adaptation.

Mother and baby pangolin © Maria Diekman

Just two adorable pine cones. Mother and baby pangolin © Maria Diekman

PANGOLIN é um mamífero da ordem Pholidota. Uma família existente, Manidae, tem três gêneros: o Manis, que compreende quatro espécies que vivem na Ásia, Phataginus, que compreende duas espécies que vivem na África, e Smutsia, que compreende duas espécies que também vivem na África. Essas espécies percorrem no tamanho de 30 para 100 centímetros (12 a 39 em). Um número de espécies pangolin extintas também são conhecidas.

Mother and Baby Pangolin Mamma Pangolin's carry their babies on their backs and take good care of their young. Hunted for food and for their scales, I am wondering now if their scales are ending up in my shampoo as keratin? No more Keratin shampoo!

I love bats.  They sleep out of the way in deep dark damp caves, they give us amazing fertilizer, they pollinate millions of plants, eat billions of bugs, and because they know folks think them scary, they are polite enough to do it all on the night shift, silently.  Then they sleep upside down, and see by radar just to prove that there is more than one good way to do something.  We all would literally be in a world of hurt and disease without bats.

Stunning photograph of a Flying fox! Endangered - many critically. They are threatened by hunting and habitat destruction. Think before you harm this beautiful creature.

A pangolin also referred to as a scaly anteater or trenggiling is a mammal of the order Pholidota. The one extant family, Manidae, has one genus, Manis, which comprises eight species. A number of extinct species are known. A pangolin has large keratin scales covering its skin, and is the only known mammal with this adaptation. It is found naturally in tropical regions throughout Africa and Asia. The name, pangolin, comes from the Malay word, pengguling, meaning "something that rolls up".

The four African pangolin species seen in context with the four Asian species. Family Manidae (Pangolins) - Plate Volume 2 of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World

Giant Pangolin (Manis gigantea)

Giant Pangolin (Manis gigantea) - most illegally traded mammal, endangered :(


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Chinese Pangolin, Manis pentadactyla by 中华人民共和国濒危物种进出口管理办公室 (Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office of the People's Republic of China) via EOL China Regional Center (cc-by-nc-sa)

Chinese Pangolin, Manis pentadactyla (Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office of the People's Republic of China) via EOL China Regional Center (cc-by-nc-sa)