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  • Taylor

    #babyanimals #animals #love #beautiful #nature #wild #deer

  • OxyJen

    Deer antlers silhouette photo <3

  • BoBak

    deer * winter * snow

  • Claudia Sullivan

    Found this post with the caption of hunting this beautiful animal. Something that I'm completely against. How could you kill such a beautiful creature?

  • Sherry Capman

    Deer Silhouette in winter

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Fallow Deer - leave these guys alone, you gun folk. Unless you really need him for food, to feed your starving family. I mean...

Sweetness • by Jay Stotts (Walk in the Woods Photography) via Flickr

llbwwb: Boy I’m cute! by Woosra Kim.

nature was always first and foremost on the farm.we had alot of birds for birdwatchers out there,plenty of fish in the pond,plenty of cats and kittens and so many deer to see there.

White Stag/ Deer/ Elk... The Native Americans believed the occurance of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy – a sign from the Great Spirit that a major shift in their world was to come. Usually, white animals were seen during soul-quests, or vision-quests. When white occurs in the animal realm it is a message of higher thoughts, higher ideals, purity of soul, cleansing of spirit and attaining higher knowledge.

Majestic red deer at Bayerischer Wald in Bavaria, Germany • photo: stevennl2003 on Flickr

Fawn. About the age of Clarice when she came to our home... Her Mother must have been murdered and she needed food to survive. She still comes when I call her to eat every day.

How can you resist that sweet face? This adorable baby deer named Pinot was photographed by Joshua Uhl.