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Thanksgiving is such a magical time when we pause to embrace it.  Imagine a season where people are thankful instead of grumpy and selfish! Though we cannot control the world around us, we can help foster a safe place in our homes.  Our children watch what the craziness in the world around us.  If they …

Do you know we waste almost 40% of the food we make here in the USA !! It's crazy when there are starving people all over the world !! Check out what this creative chef has done with "food waste" Would you eat at this restaurant??


Browned Butter Sugar Cookies

Browned Butter Sugar Cookies: These are one of the best (quite possibly the best) cookies I have ever made. The browned butter makes all the difference in the world.


Floating Alive on the Dead Sea

This is just what I have been thinking about.....I need to check out this Mud and Mineral floating.....Watch what happens when A Broad Abroad hits the Dead Sea in Jordan.

We know you love we will see you Monday at State and Lake Chicago Tavern!! RSVP to!!!

Choco Bacon Pretzel Sticks! Wait..wait, Don’t Go Anywhere! I know how crazy these sound, but trust me, what they lack in sanity they totally make up for in unique & scrumptious taste! Right here, inside these little innocent sticks, lie all that’s good in this world: Salty, Sweet, Crunchy, Bacony, Chocolatey Goodness~ You.Are.Welcome! In a matter of seconds, you can shock and delight an entire crowd of rowdy game watchers, movie go-ers, cranky women and/or drunk men. Put out a pile of…

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Watch the Chefs at Alinea Make an Edible Helium Balloon

Grant Achatz makes an Edible Helium Ballon with an apple leather string. The guy is pretty amazing...