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  • Raegan Merle

    DIY Bokeh Shape Maker

  • Andrea Otten

    DIY Bokeh Filters

  • Cindy Glaser

    photo ideas

  • morgan elise

    Sunday, January 1, 2012Holiday Lights Bokeh I am a huge fan of bokeh (the blurring of background objects of lights in photos) and with an abundance of holiday lights at this time of year, bokeh light sources are readily available. Here are some examples with the boys, taken in front of our Christmas tree and at an outdoor light display. (Looks like Camo does the same pose everywhere, huh?) Regular old round bokeh is great, but have you seen pictures with shaped bokeh

  • Nancy Olsen

    Easy Shaped Bokeh Filter with black paper and paper punch

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1. Cut out 10 scalloped circles from a book (or a newspaper, scrapbook paper, magazine...) 2. Gather all the circles and use a 1/16" punch to make a hole in the center. 3. Attach a brad (the color doesn't matter because you won't be seeing it in the end result) 4. Layer by layer, scrunch up each circle 5. Now just fluff out the flower and voila!

simple trick :: shaped Bokeh .....I hope this really work because that looks awesome. Props to whoever figured this out!

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