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This picture does not quite work. Focus is in on the scarf, I want more light in the face and focus on a catch light in the near eye.   Perhaps auto focus was used.

(LIFE) Her eyes are so beautiful. I just love how the entire photo is filled with the bright orange drapes of her head cover and then you just go straight to the bright green of her eyes.

Aboriginal girl with Kangaroo, Australia. S)

Wholesale Australian Greeting Cards ~ Baby Roo ~ Australian Kangaroo and Aboriginal Girl. Saw this from another pinner, but searched out source to pin from NEGRITOS Negro black beauty beautifulphotographer's site.

motherhood by noreen

Mukubal Girl Carrying Her Brother in a Dik Dik skin, Angola by Eric Lafforgue It's interesting that "baby wearing" is all the rave these days when we've been wearing our babies since antiquity.

Bijoux ethniques africains d’Afrique, découvrez des collier, boucles d'oreilles, bague et bracelet. African ethnic jewelry.

Bijoux ethniques d’Afrique du sud, nord et central

A casa de Nantio, 15 anos, no norte do Quênia, é feita de pele de gado e plástico. A família pertence à tribo Rendille. Foto do livro “Where Children Sleep”, do fotógrafo James Mollison.

Série fotográfica mostra onde dormem algumas crianças ao redor do mundo

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Two Hmong children in Can Ty, Ha Giang province, Vietnam This photo is being used for the Nepal earthquake. How sad people have to exploit children this way. There is enough destruction in Nepal without this type of fake photo.

Africa | Dancer in traditional costume during a Presidential visit.  Ivory Coast.  ca. 1947 || Scanned vintage print.

Dancer in traditional costume during a Presidential visit - Ivory Coast, 1947 - scanned vintage print.

Maasai Women, Kenya

Maasai tribal women, Amboseli National Park, Kenya by Jim Zuckerman.

Buda güzel

These two must be sisters, they look so much alike - how beautiful they are and how much joy they share. like me and my sisters. family is the closest thing to yourself. with whom can you be more happy and relaxed with.

African Standard of Beauty: the effortless beauty and elegance of Tribal Women

[FONT="Trebuchet black people, we are so lucky and blessed to have maintained such amazing and ancient tribal.