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  • Mary Raine

    How To Always Have a Clean House. #cleaning #organization

  • Melissa Chapman

    How To Always Have a Clean House (I'm always impressed with people that have a schedule for cleaning. I cannot for the life of me stick to any sort of cleaning schedule. Pinning with hope that I actually learn something from this.

  • Kimberli Berton Windecker

    I'm pinning this in "Good Ideas", but expect I should probably put it in "Dream Big". The chances of me actually getting the house clean and keeping it that way are pretty thin. Prior poster said: this is an easy one to follow and would definitely keep the house clean Cleaning schedule

  • Kim Young

    How To Always Have a Clean House- this is a good idea and just mark your calendar for the monthly cleaning. Have pinned a couple of these but this is my fav. The only thing I'd change is the order of dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

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How To Always Have a Clean House - Goodness, I do every one of these things every day. The monthly stuff I do every week!

How To Always Have A Clean House...I REALLY want to make this a habit...

Today is the very first post in a new and ongoing series on our site called Home Ec. Inspired by...

Save money and increase your system's efficiency. Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit yourself. Step by step directions.

Why I Make My Bed {10 Reasons I Keep My House Clean} Awesome motivation to clean your house if you've ever asked yourself what is the point of keeping a tidy house!

I am going to try this... hopefully this will make my life a lot easier and no more full days of cleaning!!!

Who has time to clean these days? Here are 8 simple strategies to keep your house clean even when you don't have time to do it.

Use this pin to organize or help you organize your house cleaning. Do you know that if you have a list to go by that you actually save time on cleaning (up to 30 min!)

^ 10 EASY Habits of a Clean Home ~ Shine your sink before you go to bed. Wash 1 load of laundry daily. Process mail immediately. Create a command center. Throw away trash. Pick up around house nightly. Create a cleaning schedule. Become a Minimalist. Work on projects in steps. Have a Junk drawer. I've adopted 7 out of 10 to do each day and am working on the rest.

A cleaning checklist... I should make one for myself in a similar style, I love the layout, but the chores I need to get to are way different. XP (Like sorting through clothes, and miscellaneous items in my garage... Bleh.)

Keep your house clean (yes, deep cleaned, even!) with one chore per day, includes a printable list. This is so doable and covers everything!