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Fauna Black Background

Click through the large version for a full-sceen view on a black background (set your computer for full-screen). ~ Miks' Pics "Animals lll" board @

Brandon) I wake up in the middle of the night, breathing heavily as tears run down my cheeks. No, no, this couldn't be! I stand from the hospital bed, biting my lip to keep from crying out in pain as I run out of the room and down the hall. I search for any way out, finally getting to a garden area. I collapse on one of the benches, crying.

Fairy Tail (Capture the moving moment of white siamese fighting fish isolated on black background), by Jirawat Plekhongthu

Marzia remembered visiting a petting zoo years ago; she's begged her Abuelo to let her feed the animals. Marzia had patted a pig, kissed a donkey, and ran from an angry goose before a big, black bully goat sauntered up to her. Gently, it nibbled the oats in her hand and licked her little palm when she scratched it's head. It's eyes were a bizzare bright blue, unlike any goat she'd ever seen. It playfully butted her when her grandpa called her, and when she turned around again, the goat was…

Caucalis Grandiflora (Pentan: Digynia), from an album (Vol.II, 68); Bastard Parsley. 1778 Collage of coloured papers, with bodycolour and watercolour, on black ink background, Mary Delany (1700-1788)