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Cast Iron Chicken Pesto and Mozzarella Panini

Chicken pesto panini made in a cast iron skillet.

I love this knit stitch. Cast on multiples of 4. Knit all right side (odd) rows. Row 2 and 4: p1k3 across. Row 6 and 8: k2, *p1k3 across to end, end with p1k1. Repeat 8 rows for pattern. Or for Row 6 and 8, start with a k1 and end with p1k2

Sooo hoping Negan guts him on the show....

Awe omg Harrison Mark and Carrie are so little Harrison tho awe still has that face

Porcelain BJD tutorials: 4. Casting - by Allison Mecleary, Woodland Earth Studio

The Walking Dead (AMC) Locations