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Some smell a rat about ‘that’ giant rodent photo...: Some smell a rat about ‘that’ giant rodent photo

People could be doing this disturbing game with Instagram pics of YOUR children

The 'baby role play' game sees users harvesting photos, then creating fake back stories for them - from wholesome family activities to chilling nightmares about abductions

Eat, Paint, Learn: Preview "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery" (after seeing a wonderful photo here on Pinterest, I recreated something similar with my Mom - photo shows her 8 year old face next to her 86 year old face today). LOVE THIS IDEA!

A Life Revealed

For seventeen years she was known only as 'The Afghan Girl', and without even knowing it Sharbat Gula became the world's poster child for Afghan refugees. This is her story.

This Man Has 6 Photographers Take His Picture. The Results Are Shocking.

A picture is worth a thousand words— but who decides what those pictures mean and what those words are? In this age of cell phone cameras and easy-to-use point-and-shoots, it’s tempting to believe that the lens does all the work and that the truth will...

This jawdroppingly beautiful footage of a RC drone flying through a firework display will leave you breathless!

WARNING: This Child Lost 75% of His Sight Because of This Little Toy We Have at Home. - 1