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Duck Egg Vs Chicken Egg

Raising Duck vs. Chickens for eggs - welsh harlequins or Khaki Campbell

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Handmade Gifts for the Chicken Keeper

I sooo want an egg stamp for my eggs!! Handmade Gifts for the Chicken Keeper

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Top 10 Chicken Breeds for Kids

These are standard-sized chickens known for living a long time. They're gentle creatures who do very well with people and get along with other pets, and they lay four or five pinkish brown eggs per week. -

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10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 7

Not sure about the link and article- BUT- Here's a nice guide to have if you don't know the breed or what color/size egg they lay.

This is a great site to find about different breeds of chickens, how to care for them and what kind of eggs they lay. I'd want a really good and fun variety.

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Egg Sign Roadside Chicken Egg Farm Stand Kitchen Wall Art

Egg Sign Roadside Chicken Egg Farm Stand by SlippinSouthern,

We have never had any problems with respiratory infections or other illness in our flock either, and I think it is due in large part to how strong our chickens' immune systems are because of what they are fed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for chickens as well as for people, and my girls get this custom mix every morning before they get any treats.

A Fresh Eggs stamp is a great way to personalize your backyard chicken eggs from your own chicken coop. Homesteading? There's a mini size just for chicken eggs and larger customizable sizes for egg cartons, tags and even farm return address stamps. Learn more at Southern paper & Ink Custom Stamps.

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Golden Laced Wyandotte

Golden Laced Wyandotte Egg Color: brown Egg Size: large Egg Production: better Meat Production: better Heat Tolerance: better Cold Tolerance: better Disposition: better Weeks to Maturity: 20

Weight: 7 to 8 pounds Urban Uses: Plymouth Rocks are good layers, producing four eggs per week. Tolerant of cold weather, they don’t mind confinement. They are also valued as meat birds. Egg Size: Large (standard type) Second Thoughts: These large chickens need a roomy coop to be comfortable.

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Parmesan Chicken Bites

Parmesan Chicken Bites - The best chicken nuggets you will ever have - crisp-tender and completely homemade with Parmesan goodness!

The Barnevelder is a medium heavy breed of chicken named after the Dutch town of Barneveld. It is a cross of 19th century Dutch landrace chickens with Asian breeds imported to Europe in the mid-late 19th century such as the Brahma, Cochin, Croad Langshan and Malay.