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aliens by ashasylum

aliens by ashasylum

Sideshow Queen Aliens & Ripley Power Loader Boxed - I want this!

Sideshow Queen Aliens & Ripley Power Loader Boxed

Sideshow Queen Aliens & Ripley Power Loader Boxed - I want this!

The Predator 2 Dance-Off  On the set of Predator 2 in the early 1990s, stunt performer, Sesame Street puppeteer, and hip-hop dancer Lionel Douglass choreographed a thrilling routine with the other actors in Yautja costumes. In a better world, there'd be a nightclub named Sexual Tyrannosaurus where this genus of sexy happens every night.

Predators dancing Locking Predator (Locker Lionel Douglass aka Big D.

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Today we celebrate the world of illustration in the form of the top 50 illustrated movie posters that depict more than the sum of their parts.

Aliens LV-426

Design Journal This is one of the best movie posters I have seen so far, love the silhouette of the both the Alien vessel and the Colonial Marine ship in orbit.

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"Teenage Alien Ninjamorphs" aka "Ancient Ninja Xenomorphs" by Bleee After a recent mention about a turtles being aliens in the new movie by Michael Bay, I felt this needed to be done …

Know Your Enemy Xenomorph

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based art director and illustrator Ryan Brinkerhoff of Bandito Design Co. has created Know your enemy: Xenomorph, an art print inspired by James Cameron's classic sci-fi action horror film Aliens.