I think this is beautiful

good parenting advice.


One of my favorite quotes.

It's so true

Be Compassionate.

I will never forget this quote when in the darkest valley of my life. It is so true!!!

Yes! ...or else they're just freaking CRAZY in the head!! Those people are out there too :-/ lol

Life IS An Echo…

Wow. I love this. Couldn't be more true..

I honestly, and truly believe that I have rid my life of horrible, drama filled people and am now surrounded by few, but kind and loyal friends. Quality over quantity

So true! I need to remember this when people say, "I don't know how to handle twins!!" - really??!!?? Lol


Remember that :)

i would rather be alone than surrounded by fake people - Google Search

Remember this if nothing else


Well said

Beautiful words...

Saw this and loved it!