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Celanese 1953 - designed by David Klein :D

Wedding Guest Style guide - Get the look Celanese 1953 - designed by David Klein

Suzy Parker in a lace & tulle evening dress by Jacques Heim, photographed by Georges Dambier for ELLE, November 2 1953.

1953 Suzy Parker in lace and tulle evening dress by Jacques Heim, photo by Georges Dambier, ELLE, November

Never Ending Summer - Popular on Pinterest: July 22, 2014 - StyleBistro

Never Ending Summer

Susan Peters, Oscar nominated for Random Harvest. Photo: Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles/Hollywood Rides a Bike

really like this image with this quote.

How stunning is this Oscar de la Renta dress? (image Oscar de la Renta) Thanks 2 Inspirational Styles

Beauties on the beach

Love my vintage ladies! [img: four black women in style bathing suits standing arm-in-arm on the beach] So much style and awesome here. I love vintage bathing suits and these ladies are rocking the hell out of them.

In LIFE tagged along as tireless students kept an Ohio high school prom going for hours and hours and hours and hours.

A date in the 1950's.

Teen dates in the were usually at a diner such as in this picture. Other popular dates were drive-ins or picnics. The dates were simple and cheap. Couples would share a milkshake at the diner.

A woman knows that the power of her femininity is very important. - Oscar de la Renta

That dress! Vintage fashion gets me! {stripes + a teacup} photo by Gordon Parks, Vogue 1953 - glamourous teatime!